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Replacement Cane Seat for Kennedy Rockers
Replacement Cane Seat for Kennedy Rockers
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Your Kennedy rocker's woven cane seat should last for many years of use but should something happen to it, don't worry, it can be replaced.

Replacement cane seats are now available unfinished only and you will have to apply the finish you require. A one-step stain and finish for interior wood will provide color and a protective polyurethane coating. Minwax or similar product in a small can or spray can be purchased in any hardware store. You may want to remove the old seat and take it with you for matching, then apply a small bit of the new color on the bottom of the new seat to make sure it looks as expected.

Comes with suggestions for applying the finish. Natural cane products are recommended for indoor use only.

Click here for more information on replacing the seat, the dimensions, and how to tell if you have the real thing!

Price includes residential or commercial shipping to anywhere in the Continental US. Allow 2-7 business days for delivery.

Price: $79.00

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